Hi!  My name is Tara.  No one likes to write things about themselves, and so... the bullet point list:

*  Originally from the west coast, spent almost five years in NYC where I met my now husband, and then back to the west.  Because it's better.  Maybe.

*  I find the most artistic joy in photographing people. Especially women. Anyone that is beautiful on the inside, brave, adventurous in vulnerability, kind, and/or doesn't know how wonderful they are.  Those are my people.

* I can be myself around children.  They will have a dang good time having their photo taken with me.

* I love laughter, and am a pretty silly human on the inside.  Giggle fits are the best medicine for all that ails you.  Except for annual check ups by the dr... those help too.

* Mexican food (all the tacos), chicken phad thai, vanilla lattes, any dessert that includes cream or fruit (but never mix the fruit with chocolate, because eww), mashed potatoes... great, now I want mashed potatoes and pie.

*  Action adventure movies, puzzles, lots of tattoos, dancing with the music up too loud, antiquing, hanging out with my husband and four year old son (who is a massive handful and is undergoing a many year long exercise in teaching me patience), motorcycles, travel, and being around people in love.

There’s something wonderful about being around two people who are so very much in love that it fills the room. I want to be around those people. I want to photograph those people.

Belle and Epic is about feeling beautiful and being the most awesome version of yourself. I hope to share as much love and laughter and beauty with you as I can.
Away we go.

photo by the completely rad Jacky Mitrius

photo by the completely rad Jacky Mitrius